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Rural Fellows

Occasionally we have a "rural fellow" attached to the practice. Rural fellows are fully qualified GPs who have recently finished their registrar training. They spend time in various rural practices but have one "base" practice. This scheme allows new GPs to gain experience in rural practice whilst being able to get support and advice from established rural doctors. It is also hoped that this will encourage more doctors to take up permanent posts in rural areas.

GP Registrars

The practice usually has an attached GP registrar. A registrar is a qualified doctor who has spent time working in hospital and is training to be a GP. Registrars spend six months early in their training and a year at the end of their training working in a training practice, such as this one, before taking further examinations to allow them to work as independent GPs. As part of their training registrars have to videotape some consultations. This will be explained to you before the consultation and you are under no obligation to agree to this.

Medical Students

We regularly have final year students from Aberdeen University attached to the practice. We also occasionally have third year students from St Andrews. There may be a student sitting in with one of the doctors or nurses during a surgery. This will be explained to you beforehand and you are not obliged to consent to a student being present. You may also be asked if you would mind seeing a student for a short time before seeing the doctor, again this is entirely up to you but if you have the time it is very useful for the student to have an opportunity to see someone on their own. The student will not of course make any decisions, start or change your treatment; you will always see one of the doctors at the same consultation.

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